Spare The Cockatoos A Life Sentence - Part 4

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 Spacious Aviary at the Long Grass Nature Refuge


Nature based aviaries provide a range of trees within the enclosure for the birds to roost.  The floor is the normal earth ground so the birds can dig, burrow and catch insects as they would in the wild, with a variety of grasses, herbs, weeds and seeds that would be part of the foliage in the bird's natural environment. There are also plenty of tree stumps, hollows, nooks and hideouts for the birds to explore, giving each bird the opportunity to make their own space and choose their favourite spots, fly and exercise all their muscles.

 large aviary 2  


   Peter and cockatoo outside the aviary There are perches outside the aviary as well.  As the birds in care become stronger, feel more comfortable in their new surroundings, gain confidence and  seek to be more independent they can wander out of the aviary and fly into the surrounding trees.  They can always return to its shelter when they want, till they are ready to be fully rehabilitated.


The criss-cross of logs high above the ground provides many walkways enabling flightless birds to enjoy the vastness of the aviary while still keeping their height so they can fulfil their natural inclination to hop around the branches.  large aviary 2  


   large aviary 3 The birds can potter on the ground, or rest in s shady corner or socialise with the others at their own pace and convenience.

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